Collaboration requests

Keele AGP welcomes collaborative requests.

The following criteria provide a guide about the types of studies that Keele AGP are keen to collaborate with you on.

To promote concrete co-operative activities relating to academic general practice including, but not limited to, leading primary care research and innovation that aligns to Keele’s research agenda.

The following collaborations will be encouraged:

Supporting the capacity for academic clinical practice

  • development of joint clinical academic posts hosted by Keele University and/or Keele AGP;
  • development of bids to support the development of clinical academic work at Keele AGP;

Research engagement, development and delivery

  • development and/or delivery of research projects;
  • co-ordination of joint or collaborative research projects;

Supporting the implementation of research into practice and evaluation of new models of care

  • development, delivery and/or evaluation of innovative practice;
  • mutual collaboration and organisation of meetings and workshops; and/or

Grant applications and delivery

  • development of programmes leading to a Keele and/or Partner award.
  • Priority will be given to studies that fit with the research agenda of Keele University
  • The study involves clear collaboration with one or more academic staff from Keele CTU and/or from the Keele Academic General Practice
  • There is sufficient capacity and resource within the AGP to deliver the study
  • There is sufficient funding available to cover AGP services required
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