Four-day course

A Practical Introduction to Running Randomised Clinical Trials

Course leaders: Dr Ed Roddy, Dr Mel Holden, Professor Gillian Lancaster and Dr Martyn Lewis

Due to current circumstances, the 2020 event has had to be cancelled and will take place in 2021.

This 4 day course will improve your knowledge and skills in the design, practical conduct, management and analysis of randomised clinical trials (RCTs). Combining talks and workshop activities, you will be guided through the principles, methodology and practical implementation of RCTs.

The course is aimed at individuals who are planning to undertake or are undertaking clinical trials. This includes people with no previous clinical trials experience, those embarking on clinical trial research for the first time, or those who have some experience of designing and running trials.

We welcome attendees with clinical (including allied healthcare professionals) or non-clinical (including trial managers & R&D managers) backgrounds.

The course is suitable for individuals interested in clinical trials in a variety of settings including primary care, the primary/secondary care interface and secondary care.

  • Improve knowledge and skills in the design, practical conduct, management and analysis of randomised clinical trials
  • Evaluate key components of clinical trials (e.g. trial recruitment, randomisation, blinding, data quality)
  • Appreciate the value and role of research governance when applied to clinical trials
  • Practical experience of protocol development
  • Enhance critical appraisal skills of published trials
  • Develop data management and analysis skills
  • Appreciate the role of health economics and qualitative research in clinical trials

The course is delivered over four days. Each day has a different focus. Over the four days, delegates will work in small groups to apply knowledge gained to develop a protocol for a randomised clinical trial which is presented to the other groups on the final afternoon.

Day 1: Key principles of randomised clinical trials
Day 2: Managing randomised clinical trials: key issues from protocol to implementation
Day 3: Data issues in the implementation and analysis of randomised clinical trials
Day 4: Qualitative research and presentation of developed RCTs.

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