Prestigious recognition of iPCHS Professor’s commitment to research and ethics

Professor Athula Sumathipala and his team at the Institute for Research and Development (IRD), Sri Lanka are once again blossoming in recognition for their commitment to research and ethics.

Professor of Psychiatry at Keele University’ Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences, Athula Sumathipala, and his team at the IRD were presented their prestigious awards at the 2018 National Awards for Science and Technology (NASTA) in Sri Lanka.

Each year, Sri Lanka host the NASTA awards in recognition of the significant contributions made by Sri Lankan scientists, engineers, technologists and entrepreneurs towards the economic and social development of Sri Lanka through tangible or factual science and technology inputs.

This year, Professor Sumathipala was presented the National Award by Sri Lankan President, Maithripala Sirisena. The award was presented in recognition of his individual outstanding leadership in the promotion and development of science and technology.

The Sri Lankan Institute for Research and Development (IRD), of which Professor Sumathipala is the Director, also took home the Merit Award in the category ‘excellence in international collaboration for the advancement of science and technology’.

Professor Sumathipala commented: “These plaudits are not personal gains for us. They encourage us to be committed to our work.

“To me, the most significant aspect of research is when it benefits the people and has an impact on policy.

“I am humbled, but at the same time, very proud that my research in my home country has made a difference to the people, and although it is a personal achievement, it has a huge team behind it.”

The Sunday Times, a weekly Sri Lankan broadsheet, which has been recognised as amongst ‘Asia’s Greatest Brands’ were keen to promote Professor Sumathipala’s success, which can be read online.