iPCHS announce release of new book to better inform prognosis research in healthcare

Prognosis research experts from Keele University’s Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences are pleased to announce the release of their newly edited book ‘Prognosis Research in Healthcare: Concepts, Methods, and Impact.’

The book, which is aimed at medical students, health researchers, healthcare professionals and methodologists, provides a simple and practical step-by-step guide to the field of prognosis research, uniquely covering all four types (overall prognosis, prognostic factors, prognostic models, and predictors of treatment effect).

Prognosis research is the study of future outcomes among people with a particular disease or health condition. It provides fundamental answers to guide healthcare professionals in their management and treatment of individual patients, and allows them to answer the most asked question by patients: ‘what is going to happen to me?’

Intended for a wide audience and with contributions from experts in the field, the book provides numerous examples, covering a wide spectrum of disease and clinical settings. It details fundamental concepts and methods of prognosis research, but also highlights hot topics in the field, including the use of big data, electronic healthcare datasets, data sharing, advanced statistical methods, and machine learning.

Keele University Professor of Biostatistics and lead author, Professor Richard Riley, said:

“Prognosis research is fundamental in this era of personalised and precision healthcare, yet current standards are often poor. Indeed, prognosis research methods have long been neglected from undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum.

“By producing this book, and aligning it with our Prognosis Research Summer School and statistical training courses, we have been able to provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide to prognosis research which we hope will improve current standards and raise greater awareness of the role of prognosis research, and how to do it well.”

Professor of Epidemiology and Deputy-Director of Keele University’s Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences, Professor Danielle van der Windt added:

“This book not only provides a guide on how to design, conduct, analyse and report prognosis studies, but also explains how the results of prognosis research can inform health-care decision making with the aim to improve outcomes for patients.

“The book therefore has a clear focus on investigating the impact of prognostic information in healthcare, and how prognosis research can form the basis for the design and evaluation of stratified (personalised) care.”  

The book, which was published by Oxford University Press, is now available to purchase.