NIHR Senior Investigator award for Professor Krysia Dziedzic

Professor Krysia Dziedzic Professor Krysia Dziedzic from Keele University’s Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences is one of 46 academics in the UK to be awarded Senior Investigator status by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) this year.

Senior Investigators are amongst the most prominent and prestigious researchers funded by the NIHR.

Appointed through an annual competition, the award is presented on the basis of a number of competitive criteria; quality and volume of internationally excellent research; the relevance to patients and the public; impact on improvements in healthcare and public health; research leadership; contribution to the NIHR; engagement of patients and the public with their research; and engagement of healthcare policy makers and planners.

The NIHR consider Senior Investigators to be critical leaders in their ongoing success, helping to develop the health research capacity fit for the challenges that need to be met to improve the health of the nation. They provide senior leadership to the NIHR, promoting clinical and applied research in health and social care.

Director of Keele University’s Impact Accelerator Unit, Professor Dziedzic currently leads a team of health professionals, health care managers, researchers, patients and the public to take findings from health research and implement them into real life clinical practice, with the overall aim of improving patient care.

Professor Dziedzic has also led the Institute’s Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) team for several years, ensuring that all of the Institute’s research is of high quality, and patient centred.

Over the years, Professor Dziedzic has led a number of research studies focussing on common musculoskeletal conditions, including the management of osteoarthritis. In addition, she has influenced both national and international policy by representing Allied Health Professionals on guidelines committees, and has published over 60 peer reviewed papers.

Director of the Research Institute, Professor Christian Mallen commented: “The award of Senior Investigator is a hugely competitive and incredibly hard to secure. Professor Dziedzic is the ultimate team player, and this is an outstanding award which she truly deserves huge credit for.”