Welcome to our

Musculoskeletal Matters Bulletin

Using our latest research, we provide GPs, teachers, trainers, patients and policy makers with the latest guidance for musculoskeletal problems in healthcare practice.

Since 2009, we have been working in collaboration with Versus Arthritis to produce a a news 'bulletin' which focusses on different aspects of musculoskeletal problems in primary care, with the aim to inform GPs, primary care teams, teachers, policy makers, and patients about musculoskeletal problems in healthcare practice. The data sources for all these bulletins include the Consulationa in Primary Care Archive (CiPCA), epidemiological studies (including prospective cohort studies and trials from the School) and external research studies. 

The bulletins are no longer being created, however you can still find all copies of the series below; 

  • Bulletin 1: What do General Practitioners See? Different ages, different problems (October 2009) 
  • Bulletin 2: Consultations for Selected Diagnosis and Regional Problems (March 2010) 
  • Bulletin 3: Patient Experiences (November 2010) 
  • Bulletin 4: The Management of Knee Pain (March 2011) 
  • Bulletin 5: Supporting Return to Work (June 2012) 
  • Bulletin 6: Trends in GP Pain Medication Prescribing (May 2013) 
  • Bulletin 7: How do we translate evidence into practice? 
  • Bulletin 8: Diagnosis and Management of Gout (November 2014) 
  • Bulletin 9: Electronic templates and the management of patients with low back pain (July 2015) 
  • Bulletin 10: In sickness and in health: shared risk factors for musculokeletal consultations in couples (November 2015) 
  • Bulletin 11: A New Look at Pain (April 2016) 
  • Bulletin 12: Living Well with Chronic Pain in Later Life (October 2016) 
  • Bulletin 13: The Neglected Joints: Feet (
  • Bulletin 14: Hand Osteoarthritis (December 2017)