2016 - 10th annual event

Keele Counselling (Research and Practice) Conference

The creative researcher

This year saw a return to the qualitative research theme, last seen in 2014. Kim Etherington spoke about combining creativity and research; Linda Finlay talked about relational aspects; Susan Hogan demonstrated some ground-breaking creative work with new mothers, and Andrew Reeves, currently chair of the BACP, issued a 'call to arms' to counsellors to engage with research. As well as these four outstanding keynotes, there was a wide range of excellent workshops on creative research methods and strategies, which were very well received by delegates. There were also paper presentations on a number of topics, including several by current and former Keele MSc students, and this year, for the first time, there was a poster competition, with the prize donated by PCCS books.


Shona Neal and Mairead Walsh

Theming Non-Textual Data


Ann Beynon and Helena Enright: The Teachers’ Story – listening to educators

The workshop was a great opportunity to focus on our experience of teachers and of being the teacher in whatever context.
The reflective activities were inter-active and included a video of a Structured Time for Self Reflection (STSR) session with a Primary School Head teacher.

Paula Pope

Time to listen- The Youthworker's story

Elizabeth Painting

Who's pain is it anyway?

Angela Blanchard

AUTOETHNOGRAPHY - A methodology on the edge

The little girl with big feet - Apersonal experience of Autoethnography

Danielle Fitzhenry

Experiences of Visiting a Medium After the Death of a Loved One.

Helen E Machin

Picturing the lives of young people: The challenges and opportunities of Photovoice.

Dr Andrew Reeves

A Call to Arms, or Death by Disengagement

Professor Kim Etherington

Creativity and Research: how do they go together?