Postgraduate Researchers

The Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences (iPCHS) represents a unique collaboration between a range of clinical and academic disciplines, including general practitioners, rheumatologists, physiotherapists, epidemiologists and statisticians, psychologists, social scientists, governance and management.  It is underpinned by the close and flourishing relationship between University researchers and the local health community in North Staffordshire and Cheshire, in both primary and secondary care settings.  

Students are part of this vibrant research community and are encouraged to attend and present at seminars. Students contribute to, and run, journal clubs in their own disciplinary areas. In addition a Student Support Group exists for both informal support and peer presentations.

Our current PhD students
The main research focus of research for iPCHS is in the area of musculoskeletal conditions and metal health disorders. This work is carried out by multi-disciplinary teams of academics and clinicians, with input from active research user groups.  Our research aims to contribute towards preventing musculoskeletal conditions from starting, getting worse or causing long-term disability in later life. These conditions (which include low back pain, chronic back, regional pain, osteoarthritis, and multi-morbidities) are researched using a range of traditional and innovative approaches and methods. These approaches include randomised controlled trials, epidemiology, intervention research, qualitative methods, health economics, and applied biostatistics.  Our research is able to encompass a range of perspectives and contexts. Perspectives include those of healthcare professionals, patients and users. Contexts for our research include health and wellbeing at work, in older people, and across the lifecourse.

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