Visiting Professor becomes Member of the Order of Australia

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Posted on 22 February 2018

Fiona Blyth, Visiting Professor at the Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences, and Professor of Public Health and Pain Medicine at the University of Sydney, was awarded ‘Member of the Order of Australia’ at this year’s Australia Day Honours for 2018. The award is in recognition of Professor Blyth’s contributions to medical research and education.

The Australia Day Honours define, encourage and reinforce national aspirations, ideals and standards by identifying individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to Australian society.

 A total of 895 Australians who have risen to the top of their fields in sports, science, performing arts and media were recognised in this year’s Australia Day Honours List.

The award acknowledges the diversity of Professor Blyth’s work, where she made significant contributions to medical research and education in the field of public health, pain management and ageing, and to health policy reform.

Professor Blyth’s research and her collaborations with Keele University have created a better understanding of the effects of chronic pain on a population (both locally and nationally) and have provided a roadmap for change at government level through health policy reform.

Professor Blyth said: “When I first started working in pain research, it became rapidly apparent that there was a huge unmet need for good evidence about the burden of pain in the community, which could help drive change for people living with pain. My award is, in part, an acknowledgement of the significance of this problem within the Australian community, and of what has changed for the better over the last 10-15 years.”

Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology at the Institute, Professor Peter Croft, who has worked alongside Professor Blyth on a number of research studies commented: “Fiona’s work, and her Keele collaboration have helped to shape the public health approach to preventing chronic pain, and this is a tremendous way to celebrate her achievements. Well done Fiona!”