Providing professional leadership for Clinical Informatics in the UK

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Posted on 31 October 2017

Deputy Director of the Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences, Professor Christian Mallen, has been appointed as a Founding Fellow for the Faculty of Clinical Informatics. Fellows will be responsible for helping build the new faculty and providing professional leadership in the UK, thus, establishing clinical informatics as a recognised and respected profession.

Clinical informatics is the study of data and how it can be applied to the healthcare field. Specialists use their clinical knowledge to capture, communicate and use data to improve the delivery of care, and develop and implement digital tools.

Healthcare data must be structured to be effectively retrieved and used in reporting or evaluation. The Faculty of Clinical Informatics has been established to ensure “safe, effective and efficient healthcare through the best use of information and information technology.”

The Faculty appointed professionals in dental, medical, nursing, pharmacy, social work and allied healthcare as Founding Fellows. These Fellows will be responsible for electing the Faculty’s Board, and providing leadership for Clinical Informatics in the UK. The Faculty aims to become the UK professional membership body for clinical informaticians, where they will develop professional standards, training and establish links with national and international bodies.

Professor Mallen was appointed as one of the Founding Fellows because of his experience in clinical informatics in the workplace through both direct care as a GP, and his involvement in research, development, education, leadership and policy.

Professor Mallen commented “it’s an honour to be able to contribute to the development of the Faculty. Practically every function in health care relies to some degree on informatics, which is why it is essential to ensuring that all clinical informatics specialists are meeting the highest standards, embracing new ideas and innovation, and both educated and developed in informatics.”