JIGSAW-E (Europe)

Joint Implementation of Guidelines for oSteoArthritis in Western Europe (JIGSAW-E)

In the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark and Portugal, OA is primarily managed in primary care. The UK National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE has international reach) recommends that core treatments such as written information and advice on exercises and physical activity should be offered to all people with symptomatic osteoarthritis.  This represents quality care for people with OA.  

Overall ambition

The overall ambition is to implement a model osteoarthritis (OA) consultation and quality indicators of OA care, informed by internationally recognised NICE OA recommendations, to support self-management in adults aged 45 years and over in five European regions (UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Portugal). This will be achieved throught the systematic implementation of previously piloted innovations in the West Midlands

This project will support practices in proactively supporting patients with self-management of OA, in line with NICE Quality Standards (launched June 2015).

Linked series of projects from research (MOSAICS) through local implementation of innovations (JIGSAW) to international pilots (JIGSAW-E)

MOSAICS - Eight general practices in collaboration with /Keele University

JIGSAW - Fifteen pilot general practices in South Shropshire, UK

JIGSAW-E - UK practices and European pilot sites. 

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