Parking for disabled staff, students and visitors

There are a large number of car parks located around campus and many of these have designated disabled only (Blue Badge Holder) bays within them that are positioned close to key buildings in order to support good accessibility for disabled staff, students or visitors.

Disabled (blue badge) staff or students

Members of staff and students holding state issued Disabled Parking permits (Blue Badge) will be issued with a parking permit free of charge and can access any disabled parking space on campus. To arrange the issue of a permit please contact the Staff or Student Parking Permit team via email and supply a photocopy of your blue badge.

If there is no suitable Disabled Parking space close to your location of work or study and you want changes to be made to better accommodate your needs, then please notify Estates & Development in order that this can be considered.

Disabled (blue badge) visitors

Disabled visitors can access on campus parking as near as possible to the building being visited. We encourage disabled visitors wherever possible to use the designated disabled parking bays, however, where these are already occupied blue badge holders may park in any other available University permit holder or Pay and Display parking bay free of charge.

Staff/students with temporary disabilities

Staff or students who do not hold a blue badge, but who are struggling with their mobility (e.g. returning to work after serious illness or an operation) may apply for a temporary disabled permit, until their mobility returns to normal. In addition requests can be made for 'reasonable adjustments' to take place in relation to parking provision, with the support of Occupational Health.