Why choose Keele?

Keele Hall lawn  Keele is an example of a campus based university, with everything students need easy access to on one site and a strong sense of community, with traditional educational values at its heart. We believe that Higher Education benefits society as a whole not just the individual. Our graduates are confident and well educated with a broad experience that makes them highly employable.‌‌

 Keele is one of the largest UK campuses and has a relatively small number of students. This allows us to have a genuine community feel. The university opened its doors to 1,400 new undergraduate students in 2012 from over 120 countries. Keele offers a wide variety of courses from Astrophysics to Law to Sociology. For the full list of our courses, please click here for our course list.

Your young person should consider carefully where they think they will be happiest: What will suit their friends won’t necessarily be the best choice for them.

Please take a look at the Parents' Booklet for more information and guidance, and for more facts and figures about what makes Keele distinctive, please take a look here

If you have any questions about visiting Keele, please contact us on visits@keele.ac.uk or 01782 733949