Information for participants

You will have been invited to take part in the PANDA-S research study because you have recently been to see your doctor or physiotherapist about your shoulder pain.  If you decide you would like to take part, then please read our initial participation leaflet, which outlines why we're conducting the research, how we're conducting it and possible benefits and risks of taking part. Below summarises what's involved;

  • You will complete 6 questionnaires over the next 3 years. Each questionnaire will ask about your shoulder pain and how it has affected you, and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. 

  • You will also be given the opportunity to take part in additional optional parts of the PANDA-S study; 
    • You will be invited to attend a research clinic for a detailed physical examination and an ultrasound of your shoulder. We anticipate the examination and scan will take approximately an hour and a half. You can find more from our information leaflet
    • You will be invited to complete a weekly record of your shoulder pain either using an app for your smart phone/tablet or by using SMS text messaging. You will be invited to complete this weekly record for 12 weeks. We anticipate that this will take you approximately 10 minutes per week. If you are using the smartphone/tablet app then please download and read the guide If you are using the text messaging service, we've provided some examples of frequently asked questions

    • A small number of people will also be invited to take part in an interview with a researcher from the study team to discuss their shoulder pain and the care and treatment they have received. If you have been invited to interview, you can find out more from our information leaflet
  • If you choose only to complete the questionnaires, you will still be making a valuable contribution to the study.