Occupational Health Service

Welcome to Occupational Health.  Our specialist clinical staff provide services that focus on the prevention of ill health and the promotion of health and wellbeing at work.  These involve the delivery of services that respond to the University’s statutory requirements under health, safety and employment law which are designed to protect employees’ health at work and ensure that health related problems are effectively managed. This usually involves three main areas:

  1. assessing the effects of work on the health of employees
  2. advising on the effects on health of an individual’s work capacity; and,
  3. advise on necessary intervention requirements

We work collaboratively with disciplines such as the health and safety advisers and human resource advisors/managers.  Our aim is to provide an integrated service to all staff.

Our team comprises medical, nursing and administrative staff. Please click here for individual contact details.

We also provide specific services to medical, nursing and midwifery, physiotherapy, pharmacy and radiography students. 

Please be aware that OH is not an emergency service and therefore is unable to respond to acute illness or injury.  We do not provide GP services, treatment or first aid.  We do strongly advise staff and students to be registered with a GP. 


In accordance with the medical and professional code of conduct, information discussed and documented remains confidential to the service. OH records are kept to the same high standards as hospital or GP surgery records, in accordance with the GDPR. Your record will not be discussed with anyone outside of the department without your informed consent.