Health and safety information for staff

All members of staff are issued with an Occupational Health and Safety Information Guide which is a 3-fold leaflet giving basic information about health and safety at Keele.  The leaflet is included in the information pack sent out to new members of staff on appointment, and is designed so that it can be displayed as a poster if desired.  The leaflet can be downloaded or copies can be obtained from DOHS.  An alternative version is available for staff working on the University Hospital campus.

H & S Information Guide for Keele campus staff

Leaflet for Clinical Education Centre staff‌

H & S Information guide for GHRC staff

Health and safety is included in the Induction Checklist for new staff, which is available on the Learning and Professional Development Centre website.  Your line manager is responsible for ensuring you receive adequate induction, including health and safety.  The task of going through the checklist may be delegated to a competent member of staff, possibly your Workplace Safety Adviser (WSA).   The checklist should be completed to confirm that you understand your responsibilities and any risks relating to your work.  It should be carried out in conjunction with the  Health and Safety Induction Guide

VDU Workstation Assessment on-line training

This should be carried out by all new members of staff using VDUs, further information can be found on the DOHS website.

Display Screen Equipment

Other Health and Safety Training

The majority of health and safety training is arranged by the Organisational Development.  All new members of staff are invited to attend a Welcome to Keele session which includes a section on health and safety. 

 The following courses are advertised by e-mail and can be booked on-line.

  • Manual Handling
  • Risk Assessment
  • Workplace Safety Adviser
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
  • Ionising Radiation

 Requests for the following or any other training needs should be made direct to Department of Occupational Health and Safety

  • Electrically Competent Persons
  • Fit testing of face masks

If you require more detailed information on individual aspects of health and safety please explore the Health and Safety A-Z on this website.