Application process

The School of Nursing and Midwifery is committed to encouraging students to take an international perspective to their studies and supports students interested in applying for an international placement. The process for application is set out below.

  1. No School of Nursing & Midwifery ‘Health and Conduct Committee’ issues during the course
  2. No formal academic warning issued.
  3. Students with ongoing health problems and/or high levels of sickness must have clearance to travel from their GP and/or occupational health clearance. (Absences related to protected equality characteristics will be excluded).
  4. Good engagement with the programme and application supported by the personal tutor
  1. Must have a 50% average mark awarded and have passed all assessments at the first attempt.
  2. Must have met all the practice progression points at first attempt
  3. Have clear and achievable learning objectives for international placement

Placements must be located in areas deemed safe for travel by the Foreign Office and in situations where appropriate learning outcomes can be achieved

  1. tudents must first discuss their initial interest with their personal tutor.
  2. Students need to complete the International Elective Placement request form and submit to the International Champion by the date specified for their cohort. (This will be several months before the proposed placement).
  3. Complete the Risk Assessment Part 1 form and return it to the International Champion by the date specified for their cohort.
  4. The International Champion will review each application and risk assessment for the proposed international placement with the Global Education Team and the personal tutor / the designated midwifery lecturer.
  5. All applicants will be invited for interview with the International Champion and their Personal Tutor / the designated midwifery lecturer.
  6. At interview all applicants will be asked to give a 5 minute presentation on how the clinical placement will assist them with their personal and professional development. It will also focus upon the learning objectives for the International Placement; the student’s individual personal strengths and weaknesses; reasons for requesting this placement and reasons why the student  thinks they would be a strong candidate for such an experience. The student’s academic and practice performance and sickness and absence record will be reviewed
  7. Students must have the ability to cover the cost of all expenses during their clinical placement such as airfare, accommodation, living expenses etc.
  8. All students must have appropriate indemnity cover. This may be obtained via your union, (for example, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) or Royal College of Midwifery (RCM). Please note; the RCN no longer provides indemnity for student nurses travelling to the USA or Canada. Hence, students must independently ensure they have appropriate indemnity if undertaking an international placement there. The RCM Medical Malpractice Insurance cover for overseas electives is only provided on an individual basis. Therefore, student midwives must apply individually to the RCM with details of their proposed placement. Please liaise with the International Champion if there are any difficulties about indemnity.
  9. Students are required to have Keele University World Wide Travel Insurance.
  10. Students must be able to manage their theory and practice workload within the required time frame.  Students will be supported to achieve any mandatory session.
  11. Prior to departure all students are required to complete the Travel and Risk Assessment: Part 2 and return by the date specified for their cohort. The must keep the School of Nursing and Midwifery informed about any subsequent changes to their travel plans, (including dates of travel, flight numbers).
  12. Students will be required to keep in contact with the School of Nursing and Midwifery by email whilst on placement as specified before departure.
  13. On return from the International Elective students will be required to give a formal presentation on completion of the experience to their peers.

*V: International/Study Abroad – Guidance for students considering international placement/Final Jan 2015: EIA approved 21/01/15

Guidance for Students applying for an International Elective Clinical Placement

Guidance for students applying for an International Elective Clinical Placement (25 KB)

Elective Clinical Placement Initial Request Form

Elective Clinical Placement Initial Request Form (25 KB)

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