PhD, MSc (Health Care Education), BSc (Hons) Community Health (District Nursing), RGN, BEd, Queen’s Nurse, FRCN, FQNI.

A successful clinical career as a District Nurse culminated in a move to Keele University in 2003. Over the ensuing 19 years, Julie has incrementally achieved excellence in learning and teaching and the leadership of students and colleagues within the School of Nursing and Midwifery and the wider University. Julie’s journey started as a Clinical Skills Lecturer, instrumental in developing a comprehensive programme of skills teaching, to a respected Adult Field Lecturer, leading popular, positively evaluated modules and more recently to an innovative lead of the specialist practice post-registration programme for District Nurse education, recognised regionally and nationally as both innovative and inspirational.

Throughout her time at Keele, and more specifically over the last 8 years, Julie’s role has developed to include a range of key programme and school senior roles. Through undertaking these roles, Julie has developed, both personally and professionally, effectively preparing her from more senior roles. Julie was appointed Dean for Education (0.5WTE) for the faculty, alongside a leadership role within the School of Nursing in 2018.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS), the largest of three within Keele, houses students studying across four schools. Julie’s role as Dean was to develop, support and lead pedagogical innovation and programme development across the full provision of the faculty, ensuring the best student experience and the provision of innovative academic programmes.

Following a rigorous process, Julie was promoted to Professor of District Nursing in January 2020; a promotion was awarded in recognition of Julie’s academic and professional achievements in the discipline of nursing and’ specifically’ District Nursing. In April 2021, following a scrupulous selection process, Julie was appointed to the role of Head of the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Keele University. Julie is proud to lead this innovative, high performing School and is working closely with her Executive Team and colleagues across the school to optimise curriculum delivery, to develop and embed authentic simulation and to develop pioneering scholarship and research opportunities. 

Research and scholarship

Julie is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing.

Julie has a particular research interest in primary care nursing, especially patient-centred consultations within the clinical environment. Julie completed her MSc research project on the communication needs of cancer patients in the primary care setting and completed her PhD in 2014, exploring the impact of leg ulceration on the quality of life of the patient. Her thesis is entitled ‘A mixed methods study of patient centred care in people with chronic venous leg ulceration.’ The research resulted in the development of a new consultation template to guide nurses to explore issues that impact on the patients’ quality of life during consultations. The template has been updated using RCN Foundation funding to become the ‘Quality of Life Wound Checklist’ and is used nationally and internationally in a range of chronic wound consultations. Julie has received several awards for her research and was awarded a Queen’s Nurse title in 2013 for her commitment to continually improving practice within the community.

Julie has undertaken a national study across 10 HEIs on the development of assertiveness skills during Specialist Practice District Nursing programme. Julie continues to teach around the development of assertiveness, professional communication, and the impact of human factors. Julie is involved in educational evaluation in relation to multiple long-term conditions, several patient story projects, and project evaluations. The patient story projects are great teaching resources and are freely available for download:

Julie currently supervises two PhDs and two Professional Doctorates. Julie have supervised one Professional Doctorate student to completion, has externally examined one PhD student, internally examined two PhDs, and has examined several progression examinations. In addition, Julie supervises a range of MSc dissertations. Julie has mentored several colleagues applying for their Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and for internal promotion.


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