Dying to Talk

Research Team

Gail Jeltes (Partner investigator, Sunshine); Sue Read (Partner investigator, Keele University UK);  Josephine Clayton (Partner investigator, Hammond Care & University of Sydney); Roger Stancliffe (Chief investigator, University of Sydney); Rebecca Barton (Co-investigator, University of Sydney); Michele Wiese (Research Associate, University of Sydney)

We have been working with colleagues at the University of Sydney, Australia for almost three years on a mixed methods research study around supporting people with a learning disability at the end of life. We have produced a number of outcomes which you may want to explore, which are listed below.






Stancliffe, R. J., Wiese, M. Y., Read, S., Jeltes, G. & Clayton, J. M. (2015). Knowing, planning for and fearing death: Do adults with intellectual disability and disability staff differ? Research in Developmental Disabilities. 49-50, 47-59. DOI:10.1016/j.ridd.2015.11.016


Wiese, M., Stancliffe, R. J., Read, S., Jeltes, G. & Clayton, J. (2015)Learning about dying, death and end-of-life planning: Current issues informing future actions. Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability,40(2), 230-235. doi 10.3109/13668250.2014.998183


Interviews involving Dr Michele Wiese with Ellen Leabeater, Australia, Producer Think: Health Program 2SER, about palliative care for people with intellectual disability (2016, February 26):