Nursing and Midwifery Placements

With 50% of the course spent on placement, we see it as highly important that you learn in environments which are diverse and where you can develop a full and varied skillset.

Our placement circuit enhances your employability due to the wide range of settings you will be exposed to and gain experience in. We work across a range of trust sites, with one having a major trauma unit and a number of private healthcare settings, meaning you’ll get to treat patients with a wide range of conditions.
It might sound daunting, but you can have the peace of mind that our students often feedback about how supportive and knowledgeable the practice supervisors are in helping you to settle in to becoming a nurse/midwife.
Placements will take place in a range of settings across a number of NHS Trusts and the independent health and social care sector to maximise your experience and achievement of your practice proficiencies. As you progress through the programme, you will develop your knowledge and skills to learning how to manage people with more complex health needs, and develop your team working skills. The final year prepares you for registration as a ‘future nurse’ with leadership qualities, and clinical judgement and decision-making skills. Your final year dissertation will consolidate your understanding of research empowering nursing practice and service user experience of healthcare journeys through the complexities of the health and social care system. 
Hub & Spoke
Practice Learning will be organised on a ‘Hub and Spoke’ model. Students will be allocated a base (hub) in their field of nursing and a range of settings relating to the hub and to people’s healthcare journeys (spokes). The development of a practice placement circuit that utilises a ‘Hub and Spoke’ method of allocating students in clinical areas is a way of expanding the capacity of the existing practice placement circuit, ensuring that the NMC (2018e) and QAA (2002) aspects of placement learning are met.
Field placements
Field placements will provide you with a range of practice experiences that will develop your  professional values and nursing skills providing an opportunity to link theory with practice. Practice experience will be provided in partnership with local health care trusts and the independent sector, and will follow a hub and spoke model commencing with a formative placement from week 9 of the nursing programme, experiencing person-centred care in your chosen field.


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