Lucia Del Val Cano - Nursing Student - San Rafael Nebrija University, Spain

Hello! I’m Lucía, a student nurse from Spain. I have been here doing my placement in three different departments of the University Hospital of North Staffordshire for three months and a half.

The aim of this blog is to share with all of you, my experience during my whole placement.

I spent the first three weeks in Central Treatment Suite, which is a really nice placement. At first I was more scared and nervous than usual, especially because it was a different country and also different language, but I enjoyed it a lot, they do a lot of different procedures and I was so lucky to work with such an amazing staff.

After CTS, I have been working in Recovery Hub and Theatre. At first I was shocked, because it was completely new for me. I have learned many new procedures that I have never seen before. I could also enjoy a few days in theatre, which is good because I could see the whole process since the patient came to the anesthetic room until recovery.

To conclude with my placement in the UK, I worked in Surgical Vascular Unit. This placement has been very special to me, because I was really wanting to work on a ward to see the differences between the practice nurse here and Spain. I just loved it.

Time really does fly! Now, is time to go back to Spain and continue with my placement there. I have to thank everybody for being so kind with me and helping me at all times. Also to my patients, because they have been very friendly, always smiling and being interested in the culture and way of life in Spain!

Thank you very much, you've made ​​me feel like at home!

Hasta pronto!