Mentor Update Information

Welcome to all Nursing & Midwifery mentors and sign-off mentors.  This website page offers information and guidance on all aspects of the role of the mentor in the education of our students.  Support contact details can be found at the end of this website page should you require any further information or guidance.


All mentors of nursing and midwifery students in clinical practice must be registered on the Mentors' Register which is maintained by your Trust, supporting Clinical Placement Facilitator and the School of Nursing & Midwifery. Your personal details are captured from your completed  Mentors' Register Application Form. If you change your name or place of work you must notify the Placement Office or Placement Quality Lead by email. You will receive an email to confirm the changes.

Mentor Update Information - Mentor Update

Nursing Mentor Update

Nursing mentors are now required to attend an update meeting in person every year to ensure they are familiar with changes and developments to the nursing programmes. Mentors' meetings are held at frequent intervals in many different venues. You can choose a scheduled date and contact the organisers to book your place. Please click here for Nursing Mentor & Sign Off Mentor Update Sessions 2016/2017 and pick a convenient date.  Please note it is essential that you book a place beforehand; a booking list will be kept for each session.  Mentors arriving to attend an update who have not booked a place cannot be allowed to attend the session due to room capacity / health and safety compliance.  Once an update session is fully booked this will be clearly indicated on the website.

GEN Programme Mentor Support 2017

To ease the introduction of the new GEN programme, a number of support sessions are being held for those mentors that are taking GEN programme students. These are drop in sessions and do not need to be booked. You can attend at any time within the allotted time. Please click here for the available GEN Programme Mentor Support Sessions 2017. They are listed below the mentor update sessions.

Nursing Sign-Off Mentor Workshop & Update

Nurses who meet the criteria to become a sign-off mentor can attend one of the scheduled workshops. Nursing Sign-off Mentor Workshops 2017. Following attendance at a sign-off mentor workshop you are then required to attend a nursing mentor and sign-off mentor update annually and should not be updating on-line or attending any other meetings. Places on these workshops must be booked by contacting your Trust Clinical Placement Facilitator; to book a place on an update please contact the organiser.

Triennial Review for Mentors within Trust & Independent Sector Placement Providers

As part of the NMC 2008 Standards, triennial reviews for all mentors is every 3 years, to ensure mentors identified on the live mentor register have updated and meet the requirements to mentor pre-registration students.

 To be maintained on the local mentor register the individual must have evidence of having:

  • Mentored at least two students, with due regard within the three year period.
  • Participated in annual updating – to include an opportunity to meet and explore assessment and supervision issues with other mentors.
  • Explore as a group activity the validity and reliability of judgements made when assessing practice in challenging circumstances
  • Mapped on-going development in their role against the current NMC mentor standards
  • Been deemed to have met all requirements needed to be maintained on the local register as a mentor or sign-off mentor.

Midwifery Sign-Off Mentor Update

All midwives are required to be sign-off mentors and therefore must attend a midwifery sign-off mentor update annually and should not be updating on-line or attending any other meetings. Midwifery Sign-off Mentor Workshops 2014. To obtain a place on these workshops, please contact Heather Ingram for more information. In terms of becoming a sign-off mentor, please contact   with your query.

Clinical Placement Student Resource Folder

It has 10 sections:

  1. Placement Induction Package
  2. Nursing Programme Information
  3. Assessment of Practice Documents
  4. Ongoing Achievement Record
  5. Student Charter
  6. Placement Information Review & Audit (PIRA)
  7. Practice Placement Quality Pack and Placement Quality Standards
  8. Student Placement Electronic Evaluation Form
  9. Policy Documents
  10. Additional Information Specific to Placement Area

Clinical Staff/Mentors are responsible for inserting the placement induction package into section 1, most recent PIRA into section 6, placement evaluation summary feedback in section 8 and any additional information in section 10. During the academic year any updated information will be sent to the placement manager to raise the awareness of the mentoring team and then placed in the specific section of the folder. During the annual PIRA the Link Lecturer and Placement Manager will review the folder and the learning resources available to ensure it has the relevant documentation.  If you require any advice or additional information, please contact your Link Lecturer, Clinical Placement Facilitator or Placement Quality Lead  Christine Armstrong.

Further Information & Support

If you want to clarify anything or require further information on the update or for your Clinical Placement Student Resource Folder  please contact your Link Lecturer, Clinical Placement Facilitator / Student Support Facilitator or Placement Quality Lead: Christine Armstrong

Thank you for all the support you give our students.