Key Facts

Module Title: NUR-30149 (B): Evidence Based Practice (Online)
Mode of Study:Trimester 3/June
Contact Details:Contact School of Nursing and Midwifery - 01782 679611
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
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This module is to be approved for use with the following courses or programmes:

As a core module: All post-registration BSc Pathways

As an elective/optional module: Stand alone

The aims of the module are to develop both the student’s understanding of the importance of best evidence in contemporary nursing practice, and their ability to locate, evaluate, and use best evidence in developing aspects of the nursing care that they deliver. It will combine a mixture of lecture presentations, smaller group speciality-specific tutorials, personal reading, and personal reflective exercises in order to increase the students’ research-mindedness and confidence in their skills to improve clinical practice.

On completion of the module, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the principles of evidence-based practice and the political context within which it is located;
  • Implement strategies for accessing sources of graded evidence, use frameworks to critically evaluate the suitability of located material;
  • Discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and usefulness of a range of research methodologies in  relation to evidence-based practice;
  • Discuss relevant models for the management of change and utilization of evidence-based practice;
  • Create a detailed plan for introducing an evidence-based practice development in their work area which includes identification of potential barriers to the implementation of change.

Course entry requirements: Current professional registration. Evidence of Level 2 Study

Practitioners with Current Professional Registration with the Nursing & Midwifery council.


Politics of health, principles of health economics, Forms of evidence & criteria lists, Role of audit, Sources of evidence, Reading/Critiquing material, Recognised critiquing frameworks, Specific research methods [characteristics, strengths, limitations], Utilization of EBP and change management models, Barriers to implementing change, Developing protocols and clinical standards

The module will utilize web-based-technology and a Virtual Learning Enviroment

Number of assessments:



ASSESSMENT DATA (required for each assessment)

Sequence no:          1


Type of assessment



Brief description of assessment


3000 words – to include a literature review of key current papers and recommendations for practice on an aspect of care that is not evidence based and related to the student’s own clinical area.

Contribution to the module mark (%) (Put 0 if type is formative assessment or competency assessment)


Pass mark (Put 1 if type is competency)



Course Duration: 15 Weeks

Tutorial Support: Personal tutor and module leader support throughout the course