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Module Title: NUR-30163: Clinical Practice
Mode of Study:Trimester 1/September
Contact Details:Contact School of Nursing and Midwifery - 01782 679611
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
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'The opportunity to reflect on my own clinical practice was very useful, it has challenged me on multiple issues and has changed my practice on a positive level’. Student Feedback, 2014

This is a 15 credit work based learning module, which is achieved in the main, through working within the practitioner's clinical area.

It aims to create and provide learning that is responsive, flexible and relevant to current social and health care needs in a wide variety of clinical care settings.

The module will be delivered utilising a blended learning approach over a thirty week period, and will require the practitioner to achieve clinical competencies, including the development of some competencies which reflect their individual learning needs. This will enable the practitioner to consolidate and further progress their knowledge and skills within their chosen pathway and encourage practitioners to be evidence based when caring for individuals/ service users.

This module is a Compulsory Core for the achievement of the BSC (Hons) Clinical Practice within all pathways (except Acute and Generic pathways).
This module is also available as a free standing elective however the module cannot be undertaken without  enrolling on a 30 Credit pathway specific module.

This module aims to facilitate the critical application of theory to practice within the practitioner's own area of specific clinical practice. It also aims to facilitate practitioners to further enhance their practice and enable effective assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of patient centred practice through the application of critical knowledge and enhanced understanding within their given clinical pathway

Normally hold a professional registration with an appropriate body and working within a care setting relevant to the module. In addition, to course entry criteria, students must be registered on the BSc (Hons) Clinical Practice to access linked modules

This is a work based learning module with clinical competencies to be achieved in the student's own practice area.

Introduction to clinical practice assessment documentation, to include portfolio structure and completion of clinical practice documentation.

Introduction to work based learning.
Models of reflection and the reflective process and learning styles.
Models of change.
Evaluating evidence based care.

Developing clinical skills.
Competency based health and social care.
Holistic care.
Therapeutic interventions
Improving and enhancing practice.

Case management.
Interprofessional working.
Legal, ethical and professional dilemmas in the provision of care.
Health and Social policy.
Public Health.
Patient/service user empowerment.

Course Duration: Two semesters

Attendance: Launch session followed by online and tutorial support


No. 01: Assessment Type: Competence
  Assessment Marking Scheme: Assessment rule Pass/Fail
  Brief Description: Competency based assessment of clinical practice
  Contribution to the module mark: 0% Qualifying Mark: 1
  Apply For Exemption from Anonymous Assessment: Yes
  Optional Detailed Description of Assessment: Assessment of clinical competencies (within the student's specific pathway) will be co-ordinated and supported via a tri-partite approach involving students, clinical mentors and lecturers. The clinical competencies being assessed will be a combination of predetermined, compulsory and individually negotiated competencies. This will enable students to have an input to the development of their own assessment which reflects their individual learning needs. Students will maintain a portfolio of evidence which demonstrates their achievement of the clinical competencies.

No. 02: Assessment Type: Reflective Analysis
  Assessment Marking Scheme: Assessment rule 40%
  Brief Description: Critical reflection of the student's professional and clinical development.
  Contribution to the module mark: 100% Qualifying Mark: 40%
  Apply For Exemption from Anonymous Assessment: No
  Optional Detailed Description of Assessment: 3000 word reflective analysis of the student's professional and clinical development. Through critical analysis of their own performance, the student will draw upon appropriate theoretical underpinning to demonstrate integration of theory and practice. The assessment requires the student to evaluate their ability to use evidence based practice to enhance service delivery.