Equipment and Facilities

A Qualitative Research Suite, comprising: an analysis Lab (3 x PC workstations with footpedals for transcription, 1 x Mac workstation); a meeting room (high quality television screen and speaker system optimised for human voice playback; 6 x high quality headphones and sockets located around the room for group listening; seating for 8 people around a meeting room – great for data sessions, laying out thematic analysis maps, and running specialist training seminars); a range of equipment to support qualitative data collection (microcone – multi directional microphone that is great for world cafés or focus group recordings; disctophones and boundary mics – to record high quality audio in large spaces; MUVI Lapel Cameras – Voice activated miniature, wearable video recorders; (sun)glasses cameras; video recorders including Bloggie Mobile Camcorders and Sony HD Camcorders; high quality  digital photographic cameras suitable for photovoice or ethnographic studies) and software  for qualitative analysis (Adobe Creative Suite 6, NVivo 10 (PC only), Transana, Prism Video Converter, ExpressScribe, ComicLife, LiteCam, Audacity, Elan).

Video Observation Suite

SR Research EyeLink Eye Tracker

BIOPAC MP36R Data Acquisition and Analysis System - a four-channel data acquisition system with built-in universal amplifiers that can record a wide range of physiological signals including heart rate, skin conductance and respiratory rate and associated software.

Recirculating bath with digital thermometer for cold pressor studies (ice water challenge used in pain and stress procedures)

3 x BIOPAC Systems Inc. MP36E-CE data acquisition units and software for assessing psychophysiological parameters such as heart rate and skin conductance

3 X Polar RS400 wristwatch and chest strap heart rate monitor

Re-circulating water bath and refrigeration unit (cold pressor stimulus)

Black Box Toolkit & Robotic Response Key Actuator

4 x Cedrus RB-830 Response Keypads

Alcoscan AL6000 breath alcohol detector

EPrime and Qualtrics research software

Neuropsychological test library


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