Natural Sciences Research Centres

The seven research centres are designed to maximise research efficiency and promote inter-disciplinary activity. Within each Centre, various research themes reflect smaller cohesive groupings, and many of these cross faculty boundaries into the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.


The Centre for Astrophysics pursues a vibrant programme of understanding the formation and evolution of planets, stars, and galaxies. We exploit leading international facilities to obtain forefront observational data, and combine this with computer-based theoretical simulations.

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Chemical Sciences

The Centre for Chemical Sciences carries out research in Green Chemistry and Clean Technology, Fuel Cells, Catalysis, Advanced Materials, (Medicinal) Organic Chemistry, Chemical Ecology, Analytical Chemistry, and Forensic Sciences. With chemistry at the centre of many processes, our research is interdisciplinary and staff collaborate widely.

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Computer Science

The Centre for Computer Science focuses on the computational understanding and engineering of complex systems. We expect that the impact of our research will be significant, for example in biomedical innovations that improve quality of life and software engineering innovations that improve the security, reliability and quality of computing devices and services.

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Geography, Geology and Environment

The Centre for Geography, Geology and the Environment offers a vibrant, interdisciplinary environment for research in physical and human geography, geology/geoscience, environmental science and sustainability. Our work incorporates three main themes - Earth Systems, Responsibility and Resilience, and Sustainable Energy and Environments.  The emerging field of Sustainability Science is at the heart of our research agendas.

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Life Sciences

The Centre for Life Sciences has an active and vibrant research culture. Our three research themes operate jointly across the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. These are Cell and Molecular Medicine, Applied Entomology and Parasitology, and Neuroscience. Other staff have research interests in the ecotoxicology of aluminium and biological silicification, tree and plant ecology and tree-insect interactions.

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The Centre for Mathematics carries out world-class research in pure and applied mathematics, probability, statistics, and operational research. A unifying theme of much of our work is the theory of waves and stability in continuous media, which has important applications in the environment, biology and medicine. Our five dedicated research themes are Fluid Dynamics and Acoustics; Solid Dynamics and Elasticity; Biomechanics; Medical Statistics; and Number Theory.

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Psychological Research

The Psychology Research Centre has 3 research groups, the Cognitive and Biological Research Group, the Social Psychological Research Group, Health and Well-being Research Group.  The research groups provide a supportive research environment sustained by a critical mass of like-minded colleagues.

Multidisciplinary special interest groups have developed organically and are actively supported, and these include the Centre for Research with Children and Young People, and The Qualitative Psychology Forum.

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