Digital signage

There are eight Digital Signs / Variable Messaging Services (VMS) across campus, two of which also have LED screens:

  • Chancellor’s Building (car park side) – VMS and LED
  • Chancellor’s Building (Comus side ) – VMS and LED
  • Chancellor’s car park (corner of Barnes Hall Road and The Covert)
  • Darwin (bottom of University Drive)
  • IC4 (Entrance on University Drive)
  • Keele Hall

 Content on the digital signs is managed by the Directorate of Marketing and Communications (MAC) providing a single point of contact for uploading content to the systems across campus.

Submitting content

  • Content must be submitted electronically to three (3) business days prior to the first date the content is to be displayed. Late requests will be accommodated where possible but cannot be guaranteed.
  • Content submissions must include the title of the event, date(s) of event, time, location and the date the content should start running and the contact name for the event should we have any queries. Announcements will run for a maximum of 14 days

Please note that signs are to be used for events only, including commercial events organised through CBE. Requests for advertising of commercial products or services, or new programmes/courses will be refused. To optimise the management of content, especially in times of high demand, MAC reserves the right to determine what content is displayed at which location(s) and determine the duration, dates, and times content is displayed, as well as the right to edit content to ensure consistency.