Welcome to Physics and Astro Physics

In astrophysics there are quite a few main areas that you start from. Last year we did oscillations and waves, and looked at simple harmonic motion.

We've also gone into the nature of matter looking at body radiations, dark formation as well. It's such a broad area of study.

The lecturers at Keele have a really good understanding. If you have any problems at all with any of the subjects they are willing to help you one-on-one or however you learn best.

Our faculty who are all research active take teaching and pastoral care very seriously. A major part of that is that we have an open door policy .. any student can come to us at any time with a problem to do with their module, their course or university life in general, that's certainly a benefit of coming to Keele to do a degree.

With the observatory being on campus it's a great opportunity to just go up and continue observation. From there we've got access to stars, galaxies, constellations .. everything you could want to see.

I did chemistry, physics and maths at A-level and I went to a local school round here and we did actually come to Keele for workshops at A-level and I got chance to meet the staff.

I always wanted to do something like chemistry and physics.

Moving from undergraduate to PhD study was bit daunting at first but the skills that I learnt at undergraduate proved useful and I was very lucky that my PhD was funded and sponsored by Nestle industrial sponsor.

Once I graduate I would like to go in to rocketry. I'm not interested in going into space but to actually send someone into space is something that I would really find interesting.

The important transferable skill that is recognised and wanted by any employer is just the ability to solve problems in a systematic and independent way.

That's what we teach students to do. That's what they can take with them to industry or any other employer.

The dual honours course gives you a broader range of opportunities ... it's definitely worthwhile taking it up.