Welcome to Keele

What do you think is the main reason you chose to come to Keele?

I think the Dual Honours was a bit of a winner for me – there’s only so many universities that do Dual Honours and Keele does it to a terrifically high standard.

I came on three open days and fell in love with this place – there was no doubt in my mind that I really wanted to come here.

It’s such a fantastic campus with a real community spirit and you only have to walk around, don’t you, and you see how nice it is.

…and even just down to the facilities that we have – you’ve got your own bookshop, you’ve got your own supermarket so it means that you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to

What I really like about Keele is the fact that everyone knows each other.

I made several friends at the uni who I’ve just, like, spoke to, just because I didn’t even know them…

…they’re usually friends of friends…

Keele is a really small world when you think about it

A lot of my friends at other universities – they get very claustrophobic, but Keele is so spacious.

It’s only a five minute bus ride to the local town

Newcastle’s not far – it’s just down the road on the bus.

I’m a musician and there’s loads of places to play in town.  Stoke-on-Trent’s brilliant and Newcastle’s got some good venues, some nice new clubs.

They’ve got a fantastic bus link – it comes every 10 minutes during the day, plus as a Keele student you get cheaper bus fares anyway – show your Keele card you get money off and it goes all the way round campus, it’s not just one stop on campus.

I enjoy the school life here because the campus is very beautiful. I get additional help from the International Student Support Officer. For example when I first came here I don't know where is the bank and the Officer tells me how to get to the bank.

We get quite a lot of help from the English Language Unit. They help us with grammar and pronunciation, academic writing.

I have three classes a week which is really helpful for my study.

One of the best ways I find to prepare for my exams in the summer is just to sit out with my friends at Keele Hall on the lawns, and play football or whatever.  You can sit there and relax.  You feel ten times better when you walk into your exam.

It’s a great social life here – I mean there’s always something for everyone with different social nights and gigs.  There’s lots of different societies.

They’ll let you try anything.  I’ve just signed up to fencing – I’ve only done it once in my entire life.

I’m the Vice Captain of the Fencing Club.  We’ve been demonstrating for the last few days.  We’ve had 170 or 80 freshers who’ve put their names down with us.

This is freshers’ fair – you can choose societies which you’d like to join.

It’s a totally different environment  … totally different social life … I’ll definitely enjoy my life here.

By creating societies – with relaxing and being able to socialise properly… It’s serious getting a degree – the severity’s there – but you need to relax as well.  You’re all in the same boat, you’re all, like, stuck in one position but you don’t know anybody, and societies bring people together.

We will be going down to the Student Radio Awards tomorrow… for the first time ever…

KUBE radio is the Student radio station at Keele University.  The atmosphere here today is fantastic – I think it’s one of the best KUBE launches we’ve ever had…It’s just getting more and more busy, the buzz is building, the hype is building – I can’t wait to see what it will be like at the end of the night.

I think probably the best thing for me about Keele is probably the community spirit.

There’s always someone to talk to  - you don’t have to be on your own at all – it’s just such a nice homely feel.