Welcome to School of Life Sciences

I do single honours Biology but what do you all dual your life science subject with?

Mike and I do the same subjects, we do Bio-Chemistry with Forensic Science and we're continuing it to the end so we get a dual honours degree

I study Neuro-Science and Politics, naturally, those subjects do not go together in the slightest. That's the great thing about Keele, that you can do something like Neuro-Science and Politics.

They do complement each other, but they also give you completely differ net skills as well so when you're applying for a job you've got so many differ net sets of skills that the employers are going to be (like) 'wow, look at this!' Well I hope so anyway !

If you choose to go onto Post Graduate level then you can come away with a BSc and then depending on your other subject you can go into an MA and so you've got your science on one level and then you've got the Arts on another and employees are just going to eat that up.

I chose to go Single Honours so I've still got the skills from my previous subject for the past two years. I've tried to concentrate on my Biology and it's really good that you can do that.

Even if your other subject isn't a Life Science, like mine was Politics, I still did two dissertations, but I could have done a dissertation and an experimental project.

It will allow you to not do one dissertation and take up exams if you feel that's better for you..

..yeah, they're really flexible..

..they are

There are a huge number of resources I think in the library and in our own little undergraduate resource room, there's just so much available to us

and we have the computers in the resource room as well, along with some books.

You've also got the resources of other people as well, they come in and tell you, and it makes it a whole bigger experience..

..yeah it's so valuable

the provision for vision impaired students is so much better than it was before. They've had me go through the system, they know some of the problems that can arise and there's another BI student this year. Fact is there's always improvements happening and changes going on.

It's quite a pick up when you're struggling with your work and you don't know what to do and you get an email from your tutor saying 'how are you' and 'if you need any help come and see me'

the great thing about Life Science is that you're assigned a personal tutor.. they stay with you throughout the 3 years.

I think having a personal tutor with you; that helps you so much.

It's amazing just how much they know and how willing they are to help you.

..and they've always got time for you, whenever you go along.

Even with the careers service at Keele, it's fantastic..

..the other thing about Life Science is that they give you a chance to do an industrial placement or a study abroad which is an invaluable experience when it comes to getting a job.

So what are you going to do after Keele?

I don't want to leave Keele ! I'll be a student for so long, I love it !

..yeah the thought of leaving Keele ! I just don't want to leave.