Welcome to Geography, Geology and the Environment

One of the great things about Earth Sciences and Geography is it gives you the opportunity to combine fieldwork skills with laboratory skills as well.

All the lecturers are upstairs in the same building ... you're not traipsing round campus trying to find a lecturer to help you out.

At times I have walked into a lecturer's office and knock on the door and find yourself in there for an hour or two but you don't feel pressured by them looking at their watches.

We are in the Woodlands Geoscience Laboratory. This is a laboratory which geography students, geology students, students studying applied environmental science will do a variety of investigations as part of their practical programmes.

A lot more time is devoted to practical work ... do a lot of fieldtrips, especially in the first few years. We've been to Spain which was fantastic. We got to see a lot of different settings like coral settings for example.

It's more hands-on ... you're not just being taught something. It's actually understanding something and seeing how it works properly.

One of the best things we have here at Keele is our campus environment. It's a marvellous place to work. From our aspect in earth sciences and geography we have a fantastic educational resource. We can use parts of the campus for our practical programme. Students can do some fieldwork, collect samples which they can then work on in the laboratory.

We are looking at the discharge of this stream into the lake behind to see how fast and how much water is going through in a certain amount of time.

Keele gives me the opportunity to be outside and to enjoy the environment.

The degree programme in Environmental Sustainability looks at the way human society can respond to the challenges of future environmental change. Looking at the way people can follow more sustainable lifestyles ... and the ways in which we can develop more sustainable technologies.

The dual honours system here is fantastic ... being able to do two subjects together. I started off doing geography but ended up doing physical geography because I was more interested in the physical side ... and then for dual honours I took geology as well.

I love having two different subjects, I get to do two different things .. I think it's really great.

Career wise you can choose modules to suit that career or you can choose modules that keep it very broad and have a lot of option afterwards for different careers.

There is a whole variety of potential areas for employment you can go in to. Certainly at the moment there is a lot of recruitment into the oil industry, there is a lot of recruitment into environmental consultancies in particular related to new EU legislation looking at exactly the kinds of properties that the students are looking at in this practical programme.

I actually found a company that took me on as an intern so they were helping me with my research.

Hopefully next year I will be going to do a PhD. The opportunity to do PhDs within Keele are just brilliant. They are quite famous for their science subjects.