Music Production

"In the music projects of the twenty-first century the traditional roles of songwriter, composer, arranger, musician, musical director, producer, recording technician, mixing engineer and mastering engineer are increasingly blurred.  When you take music production modules as part of our courses, you will be the multi-talented musician and engineer that drives the music creative process, in and out of the studio”. [Diego Garro - Director of Music Production at Keele University]

TimSouster Live 360


 Key facts:

  • Two dedicated studio for music production, mixing and mastering
  • 48-Channel Tascam Digital Mixing Desks
  • Professional quality Genelec monitoring systems
  • Digital Audio Workstations, with state of the art peripherals and software
  • Multi-track hard disk recording and mixing in Apple Logic Pro
  • Provision of many excellent microphones, musical instruments and amplifiers
  • Gretsch and Yamaha drum-kits available for drums recording  
  • Students-producers work with local sessions musicians