Studios and Facilities - The Music Department hosts two recording studios, two multi-media project studios, three computer music labs, eight practice rooms, (including one specifically for drummers) a Motion Capture facility with Octaphonic audio  and two large rehearsal space (including the Keele University Chapel) for orchestras, bands and choirs.

Studios - key facts:

  • Various studio areas for sound recording, mixing and mastering, surround sound, computer music composition, sound design, MIDI sequencing, audio-visual editing, film and videogames scoring 
  • 24/7 access to the studios via electronic key system
  • Genelec professional studio monitors on all studios, labs and lecture rooms
  • Lots of studio time available to students
  • Technical support at hand, on site

Garage 360

Practice rooms – key facts:

  • All provided with piano, five with grand pianos
  • Dedicated room for drummers, with drum-kit
  • Church organ in the Chapel
  • 24/7 access to the practice rooms via electronic key system

The Music and Music Technology facilities are housed within three sites, all within walking distance:

  1. The Clock House, an early nineteenth century building of great character, originally conceived as a gardener's cottage and stable block. It was re-designed in 1977 creating purpose-built studios for Music Technology, practice rooms, teaching spaces and offices for staff. There are two DAW computer labs, two project studios and one sound recording studio available in this building.

  2. Lindsay Studios, adjacent to the Music Department. The complex houses two large lecture areas with multimedia presentations and projection facilities. A modern recording studio is attached to a live room, a new isolation recording booth and large performance space. The studio can be used to record anything from a small band to a full orchestra.

Lindsay2 Conducting

3.   The Chapel, located in the heart of Campus, hosts a church organ, a grand piano and an upright piano. The chapel is used for orchestra rehearsals, performances and recitals.