Rajmil Fischman: Buenos Aires Visit

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Ruraq Maki
Posted on 26 November 2012

Professor Rajmil Fischman, Research Institute of Humanities, was one of the three invited artists to the thirteenth edition of the International Acousmatic and Multimedia Festival Sonoimágenes, which took place in Buenos Aires during November.

He presented a seminar entitled Expresión Musical 'Hecha a Mano' ('Handmade' Musical Expression), in which he discussed the work carried out during an AHRC funded project that aims to enable music performance using natural hand actions (e.g. throwing objects, sowing seeds, shaking virtual objects, etc.) – furthering the possibilities afforded by game controllers. This includes the implementation of a self-contained 'Manual Actions Expressive System' (MAES) consisting of a digital glove controlled by specialised software for the creation of musical gestures and Ruraq Maki (Handmade), a musical work composed with MAES, which received its world premiere during the seminar.

He also presented in concert his audiovisual work ¿Te Acuerdas Hijo? (Do You Remember Son?) and If Stones Could Have a Brief Word. for digital audio. Sonoimágenes has featured worldwide recognised researchers and creators such as  João Pedro Oliveira (Portugal), Francis Dhomont (France/Canada), John Young (New Zealand/UK) and others. Fischman's presence in Sonoimágines 2012 follows an invitation in October to present MAES and ¿Te Acuerdas Hijo? at the KLEM-KURAIA Festival, Bilbao.