Prestigious research Fellowships

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.Prof. Barbara Kelly

Posted on 01 January 2011 Professor Barbara Kelly (Research Institute for the Humanities) has been successful along with Dr. Alastair Williams in securing prestigious Arts and Humanities Research Council Research Fellowships, worth a total of nearly £80,000. These fellowships allow a scholar time to develop or complete a major piece of research.
Professor Kelly is completing a monograph on French Musical Modernisms: aesthetics and criticism. The project examines French music after Debussy's death until World War II. It is a period that is often neglected in discussions of musical modernism, in favour of the more famous 'fin-de-siecle'.
Professor Kelly traces the continuities between the pre-war and interwar period, in particular, in relation to vocal and ensemble writing, chamber works and dramatic music. She examines issues of consensus, resistance to aesthetic norms and the role of the press in shaping musical taste. She is interested in exploring how a particular generation articulates its musical, aesthetic and stylistic priorities. The project addresses the historical, political and cultural distinctiveness of the interwar period, placing music at the centre of its enquiry.