Nicholas Reyland BBC Radio 3 Interview

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Posted on 21 January 2013

BBC Radio 3’s ‘flagship classical music magazine programme’, Music Matters, featured contributions from Dr Nicholas Reyland (Music & Music Technology, Film Studies, MCC) as part of a special edition marking the centenary of Witold Lutoslawski – Poland’s greatest twentieth-century composer, and one of modern music’s most important and distinctive voices.

In an interview broadcast on 19 January 2013, Dr Reyland drew on his research into Lutoslawski and narrative to explore the relationship between Lutoslawski’s starkly dramatic life – his father’s execution by Bolsheviks, capture by the Nazis, Stalinist oppression, his contribution to the Solidarity movement during Poland’s battle for democracy – and his frankly emotional, yet modern and innovatory, musical dramas.

Dr Reyland is also contributing to Lutoslawski centennial celebrations throughout Europe this year, having written specially commissioned essays for the Philharmonia Orchestra’s Woven Words festival (during which he will speak at a public study day at London’s South Bank Centre) and a trilingual essay collection commissioned by the Polish Institute of Culture in Brussels. In September, he will give a specially invited talk at the Chopin Institute, Warsaw.