Professor Rajmil Fischman: International Music Prize Winner

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Music Prize
Posted on 05 January 2012

Ets HaDa’at (The Tree of Knowledge), a music composition by Professor Rajmil Fischman, Research Institute of Humanities, was a winner in the highest category of the International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition 2011 ( Compositions entered in the expert category are expected to be ‘of the very highest standard which one might expect to hear at a major concert venue’.

Ets HaDa’at provides a contemporary interpretation of the biblical tale relating the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, in the context of the Middle East conflict. ‘Knowledge’ is not only acquisition of information (acknowledgement of ‘nakedness’), but also comprehension (understanding the implications of nakedness). Comprehension can trigger ethical mechanisms that demand action (covering nakedness). When knowledge has affected human beings in this way, it changes their conception of life and the world, which will never be the same (expulsion from paradise). This process has repeated itself throughout history in all areas of human activity, including prolonged struggles in which the original agents may not be alive and a legacy of suffering is left to generations that were born into the conflict but did not cause it: often, current reality bears little resemblance to the conditions in which the conflict began. In such cases knowledge may actually become a source for fresh and viable solutions.

Click here to listen to  Ets HaDa’at

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