Fairlight to Hollywood

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Posted on 10 November 2015
Keele this week played host to a unique and nostalgic performance by alumus Andy Quin - Fairlight to Hollywood celebrated the diverse music catalogue of the composer.
The performance recognised the 30 year anniversary of the ground-breaking album MIRAGE and was accompanied by an illustrated talk about the advent of digital sampling as applied to production music accompanied by live performance. 
The audience was also treated to a live performance using the University Fairlight CMI, as well video and audio examples of the pioneering music recorded at Keele during the 80's onward that has found its way into film and TV productions all over the world.
Andy has over 1000 published titles and thousands of broadcasts all over the globe each year and is probably one of the most prolific and successful production music composers. His music has been used for TV, film and commercials.
Early tracks recorded at Keele during the 80's ranged from one of the Oxo family ads to Fairlight tracks that were used extensively in the US on the NFL films of the Superbowl and one of them even featured as the music for the Black Hole ride at Alton Towers for many years!