Clock House Clock revealed

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Clock House Clock 200 x 200
Posted on 12 February 2016

The Clock in the Clock House Tower has finally been revealed and put back into action. After two months of restoration and being surrounded by scaffolding the Clock House Clock is once more operational again. The original mechanical workings and hands were removed many decades ago and through all this time there has been no working clock in this part of the building. The slate dial and stone surroundings had also suffered from water damage and so remedial work was very much overdue.

A grant of £4000 from the Keele Key Fund has enabled the majority of the work to be undertaken and this has included: the dial being re-gilded, new hands being manufactured and copied from the originals, a new electronic clock mechanism fitted and cleaning up of the surrounding stone work. The overall effect is very pleasing and will enhance the aesthetic appeal of our historic building and will return the tower to its original purpose.