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Important Information

The copyright (©2014) of the morbidity definitions and categorisation lists is owned by Keele University, the development of which was supported through the Primary Care Research Consortium. No licence is required to allow non-commercial use of these resources, however if you wish to utilise Keele’s morbidity definitions and/or categorisations lists we do ask that: you inform us first through the registration page; you cite this website reference (; and acknowledge Keele’s Prognosis and Consultation Epidemiology Research Group each time our definitions or categorisation lists are used.

If, however, you wish to utilise these definitions and categorisations Lists within a commercial setting please contact Keele University Research Enterprise Services for further advice.

  • Please use these definitions and categorisations lists only for studies for which you have submitted abstracts to us.
  • Please do not pass definitions and categorisation lists on to other people without our permission.
  • For all publications or materials using these definitions and categorisation lists, the copyright statement acknowledging Keele University should be included as below.

Acknowledgement and Copyright Statement

When using the morbidity definitions or categorisations please include the following acknowledge/copyright statement:

  1. The copyright of the morbidity definitions/categorisations lists (©2014) used in this ‘publication/document#’ is owned by Keele University, the development of which was supported by the Primary Care Research Consortium;
  2. The ‘authors/organisation#’ would like to acknowledge Keele University’s Prognosis and Consultation Epidemiology Research Group who have given us permission to utilise the morbidity definitions/categorisations lists (©2014);
  3. For access/details relating to the morbidity definitions/categorisation lists (©2014) please go to

# - insert phrase as appropriate