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MAN-20090 Professional development  
Co-ordinator: Dr Laura Mitchell    Room: DW1.07, Tel:+44 1782 7 33425  
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Level: Level 5 Credits: 15 Study Hours: 150  
School Office: Tel: 01782 733094
Programme/Approved Electives for

Accounting Dual Honours (Level 5)
Accounting and Finance Single Honours (Level 5)
Business Economics Single Honours (Level 5)
Economics Dual Honours (Level 5)
Finance Dual Honours (Level 5)
International Business Dual Honours (Level 5)
Management (Accounting) Single Honours (Level 5)
Management (Business Management) Single Honours (Level 5)
Management (International Business) Single Honours (Level 5)
Management (Marketing) Single Honours (Level 5)
Marketing Dual Honours (Level 5)

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Description for 2017/18

This module is designed for students to learn more about the background and history of the professions and about what professional behaviour involves, as well as helping you develop the skills to pursue and maintain a professional career. This module is especially designed to support students looking for placements or other work experience by offering skills-based learning alongside an academic engagement in the role of the professional. You will be expected to prepare extensively on your own initiative and to actively participate in all sessions. The module will encourage you to self-assess your existing knowledge and key skills and will show how these may be developed and applied in ongoing professional development. Overall, taking this module will enable you to be more aware of the professional environment and to showcase yourself to best effect in a competitive marketplace.


The aim of the module is to equip students with an understanding of the history of professionalism, key expectations and behaviours of professionals. Students will examine their own ambitions for professional career development, and develop an analytical view of the internship/graduate jobs market. The module will help students to acquire transition skills in order to develop their career planning, implementation through opportunities such as placements and consider their future routes for development.

Intended Learning Outcomes

describe and analyse the content and context of a specific graduate business career role or profession: 1,2
develop resources to present a suitable candidate identity for a specific graduate business career role or profession: 1
identify and evaluate appropriate literature relating to the professions and professionalism: 2
critically reflect upon the candidate evaluation process used in graduate and professional recruitment and development: 1,2
recognise the importance of development and maintenance of professional connections (including membership of appropriate professional bodies): 1

Study hours

5 x 1 hour lectures
5 x 1 hour tutorials
7 x 2 hours workshops
total = 24 hours Class time
Preparation of assessment 35 hours
Guided tasks 35 hours
Preparation for workshops 30 hours
Guided reading 26 hours

School Rules


Description of Module Assessment

001: Portfolio weighted 50% (minimum mark of 40 required on this assessment)
2000 words portfolio
Portfolio of reflective writing plus representative resources (e.g. CV) developed in the course of the module

002: Essay weighted 50% (minimum mark of 40 required on this assessment)
2000 word essay
Essay on the theme of professionals and professionalism set by the module leader in which the student should integrate some reflection on a specific graduate career role or profession

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