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MAN-20053 Operations and Quality Management  
Co-ordinator: Mr Phil Johnson    Room: DW1.21, Tel:+44 1782 7 34469  
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Level: Level 5 Credits: 15 Study Hours: 150  
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International Business Dual Honours (Level 5)

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Description for 2017/18

This module seeks to establish the true nature and crucial importance of quality management, and to examine the implications of this for organisations, whether in the production, service, government or (of increasing importance) ‘third' sectors.
Too often, the management of quality is seen and presented predominantly as the application of statistics. Whilst stats have their place, this approach rather misses the point: it is crucial to start with an understanding of the nature of quality as a cultural and contextual issue.
Quite simply, ‘quality' has more to do with the way people think than with numbers.


To introduce students to key concepts and issues in quality management.

To allow students to critically analyse and evaluate concepts and techniques within specific organisational contexts.

To stimulate self-reflection and facilitate the formulation of critiques of quality grounded in broader societal discourses.

Intended Learning Outcomes

explain and evaluate the role of quality management as a ‘pervasive issue' in organisations, in the public, private and not for profit sectors and its contribution to the future development of such organisations;: 1,2,

integrate the theory and practice of quality management and apply them in operational production and service contexts;: 1,2,

identify and assess wider societal perspectives on quality and quality management such as the impact of ISO certification and Corporate Social Responsibility;: 1,2,

evaluate the tools and processes available for delivering quality in a contemporary business context.: 1,2,

Study hours

Lectures: 10 hours
Tutorials: 10 hours
Preparation for tutorials: 20 hours
Assignment preparation and writing: 60 hours
Other private study: 50 hours
Total: 150 hours

School Rules


Description of Module Assessment

001: Essay weighted 50%
2000 word essay - analysis of a particular aspect of Quality Management
Students are given the opportunity to choose between analysis of the approach to quality taken by an organisation of their choosing, and a more 'traditional' conceptual analysis.

002: Exam weighted 50%
Two hour, unseen, written examination
Two hour, unseen exam in which students select two questions from five.

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