Career support

Keele University Medical School places high importance in providing good careers support to Keele students.

Keele Medical School Careers Team

Team members are:

  • Angela Carryer (, Clinical Careers and International Student Support Officer at Keele University School of Medicine
  • Carol Gray (, Director of Professional Development and Welfare, Keele University School of Medicine

We aim to support medical students through career choices and decisions while they are studying at Keele. We can only do this effectively if students let us know their wants and needs.

The support we usually provide (this can be subject to change) includes:

Year 1

  • Introduction to careers support at Keele - lecture

Year 2

  • Where will medicine take me? - lecture and workshops

Year 3

  • What should I do this year? - lecture and workshops

Year 4

  • Introduction to multiple specialties and general overview of Foundation Programme applications - lecture
  • Careers based SSCs

Year 5

  • Foundation Programme Applications support

All years

  • Access to Sci59 - careers tool
  • Small group workshops interpreting Sci59
  • 1:1 career support sessions

We encourage you to contact us with any concerns, questions or suggestions that you think would help to support the current and future career activities of Keele medical students.

For further details of forthcoming career events, useful career information and career resources please visit the Careers section on your year KLE.