Frequently asked questions

About the Student Welfare services available to Medicine (MBChB) students

The Student Welfare service may suggest a wide number of services that will be able to offer further help, depending on your personal issues. Services frequently recommended by the Student Welfare service include general practitioners, occupational health, counselling, learning and disability support and ASK (Advice & Support at Keele). 

The belief of the School of Medicine is that one-to-one interviews between students and staff may give rise, in some rare circumstances, to difficulties. It can also be uncomfortable if you are feeling particularly vulnerable. Therefore it is the policy of the School that all interviews should be carried out with a third person present, who is a member of the University and who will take notes. In practice, most students find that they forget the second person is in the room.

Absolutely. This is one of our core roles. Should you need to go to a Progress or Health and Conduct Committee, you will be advised to see us. The tutor you see can then explain how the Committee works and what to expect whilst you are being seen by the Committee. They will help you with your letter of mitigation and advise you if you need supporting documents. One of the team will sit with you in the room if you wish and act as your emotional support when your case is discussed. Any member of Student Welfare present does not participate in the final decision of the Committee. Please remember that you need to log Exceptional Circumstances formally via the KLE within the appropriate time frame. Whatever the outcome for you, we will try and offer any help you need afterwards.

Yes, this is a sensible idea. It might just be your learning and study skills and so learning support may be able to help. A dyslexia assessment might be recommended by them if you continue to have problems.

No, with the exception of weekends and Bank Holidays, there will always be someone around to answer your queries. We see students frequently in the holiday periods.

The service can guide you to possible sources of financial help but we have no funding or budget of our own.

Within the University, you have access to Student Services and to ASK (Advice & Support at Keele).

Emergency numbers:

  • NHS direct: 0845 46 47
  • Urgent care: 01782 719100
  • Samaritans: 116 123

Student Welfare never make a decision about a student’s future. They will help a student with a health problem as much as possible. However, if the problem is severe and unlikely to improve, or your studies are seriously affected, the case may be referred by your Year Lead to the Health and Conduct Committee for their further consideration. You may also be referred to Occupational Health. Occasionally students do take a year out on health grounds. Most students would rather not do this but it is sometimes necessary and students generally return to to course.

The reason for adjustments being awarded is that you are considered to have a disability that requires that allowances are made for your difficulty. Your disability will be recorded on your file and you must disclose this to your employers in the future. If you hide a disability and make a mistake because of that disability, then you are demonstrating lack of probity, which is a serious issue and might lead to an investigation by the General Medical Council.

Yes, of course. There are some limitations as tutors may only work on one site and on certain days. Also, you may be advised that a certain tutor is most likely to help with your problem but the choice is still yours. The office usually has at least one member of staff available every working day including any University holidays (other than the Christmas break).

Please remember that, if for any reason, you wish to seek support out of the School service then the central Keele services are available to you. Their details are available on the main Keele website.

Many queries or simple requests can be managed by email and this is often a good way of getting a rapid reply from the team. You can e-mail us at

If you want to talk to us but do not have the time/are too far away to come in person, a telephone appointment is often a solution. You can telephone us on 01782 734674 for advice, to make an appointment or update us on an ongoing problem. If we cannot speak to you immediately we will arrange a telephone appointment. Please note, if the phone is not answered during the day, it is often because we are seeing another student and we do not take calls whilst doing this.

If you do want a personal appointment, these are the arrangements for each site:

At Keele, please ring Jane Leech or Beth Barlow on 01782 734674 or email and an appointment can be arranged with Mrs Mitchell or Mrs Allen.

For appointments at UHNM, again please ring Mrs Leech or Ms Barlow or email and an appointment can be arranged. Please note these are very restricted in time.  Students based at UHNM may find it more convenient to have an appointment at Keele on their academic spine days.

For Shrewsbury and/or Shropshire attachments, appointments are usually made through contacting Mrs Wendy Jenkinson. You can email or telephone 01743 492514 and she will arrange an appointment with Dr Jones-Perrott.