School welfare and funding

We recognise that all student health professionals are likely to have difficulties at some stage of their training. There may be a problem with work on the course, with adjusting to the expectations of how a health professional should behave, or personal problems, such as health, money, or relationships. These are, of course, challenges which any of us can face.

Keele University has Student Experience and Support teams based within each Faculty to support you, including a member of the team dedicated to every School.

These teams are part of Student Services, working closely with teams such as International Support, Counselling and Mental Health, Disability & Dyslexia, and Chaplaincy to ensure all students can easily access the support they need.

You can book a virtual appointment to speak to the advisers in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, or if you’d prefer to contact them via another method, just get in touch with Student Services as usual.

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