Victoria Twigg

I left school after completing sixth form with four A levels in Maths, German, Business Studies and Geography and moved to Warwick University to complete a 4-year BA in German and Business Studies. However, I soon decided to leave University and get a full time job.

At first I really enjoyed my job, but quickly I realised that it was simply a means to an end while I decided to which career I could really commit. In the meantime, I began a distance learning course with the Open University which was an introduction to science. This really sparked my interest in biology, and together with the inspiration of my mum, a practice nurse, and that of my own doctors, I decided I would like to pursue a career in medicine.

I didn't have the right A levels—specifically I needed an A level in Chemistry. Luckily, I discovered the Health Foundation Year on the Keele University website, which meant that I could complete an extra year before commencing my degree and as long as I met the criteria to progress, I would begin to study Medicine the following year.

The Foundation Year gave me the chance to refresh my knowledge of Maths and to learn the equivalent of an A level in Chemistry. Furthermore, the Foundation Year offered us the chance to choose to study 'Active Anatomy,' a module which really gave us a good grounding in anatomy and proved its worth in the first year of Medicine. The Medicine course is going really well and everything that we learnt in the Health Foundation Year is proving very useful. In fact, many of my friends wish they had done the foundation year rather than A levels!

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