Victoria Silverwood

Doctor in 2015

Currently I am working as an Academic Foundation Year 2 doctor. This means that I complete three four-month rotations in different specialties with some allocated academic time to undertake teaching and research. Working as a doctor is a challenging and varied career and every day is different. You get the opportunity to meet some incredible people, both staff and patients, which is a great privilege. I am also involved with undergraduate teaching at Keele, and working with students provides another very enjoyable element to an already diverse job.

My current rotation is in the Accident and Emergency department at UHNM, which is a very busy and very fulfilling job. FY2’s see patients independently with the knowledge that senior support is available when needed. There is a huge variety of available FY2 posts at the hospitals linked to Keele, creating plenty of learning opportunities within medicine, surgery, and specialty posts.

I have very fond memories of my time at Keele as an undergraduate medical student. The five years that I spent there went very quickly and I would happily recommend it to anyone. You undertake early clinical placements in the first and second year, providing you with the opportunity to start to develop basic clinical skills early on. The staff on all sites are very friendly and encouraging, and create a supportive learning environment. You spend a lot of time in your clinical years being involved in direct patient care whilst under supervision. This means that you are able to acquire all the necessary skills to practise as a FY1 and FY2 doctor.

The Keele curriculum has been very thoughtfully planned. You are able to learn core clinical skills whilst also being able to undertake special study components in areas of personal interest. I would encourage anybody who wishes to apply for medicine to consider applying to Keele as it really is a fantastic place to study. Studying medicine requires a lot of hard work and determination, however the rewards involved are vast. There is no other career I could see myself pursuing and I am proud to say that I have a Keele medical degree.