Samantha Fairclough

Year 4 in 2018

Fourth year has been the most challenging and intense year of medical school so far with the final written exams being at the end of this year. Despite being a very tough year in terms of knowledge requirements, I personally think this is a blessing in disguise because it means that fifth year can be spent learning the practicalities required to be a successful doctor as well as solidifying the knowledge you have already gained. The course at Keele is structured like this, which I feel provides a better transition from medical student to junior doctor, and this is reflected as Keele has climbed its way up into the top ten medical schools in the country.

When studying a tough course like medicine, it is really important to find a balance in your life, otherwise you would probably spend all day with your head in a book! Therefore, I have ensured that throughout my degree I have continued to have an active social life and stay fit. I play basketball for the university and Stoke women’s basketball team as well as making time for friends and family.

If there was one piece of advice that I could offer to undergraduates, I would emphasise the need to be organised. There is so much to learn and adopting a structured method to learning and revision is essential—study smart!