Kane Treadwell

Year 4 in 2019

Fourth year at Keele is the year where you are expected to draw together all of the knowledge and clinical skills you have learned so far. Your time is split between different rotations in surgical placements and primary care. With final level knowledge examined at the end of the year, it gives you the opportunity to fill in the holes in your knowledge. This also sets you up nicely for the clinical assistantship in your final year, where you are given a lot more responsibilities.

Although the workload was high in this year, I found Year 4 was a good opportunity to network with other healthcare professionals. I was able to get involved in societies and research, going on to present my data at the Charing Cross International Symposium, as well as winning an international prize for 'outstanding presentation'.

It is important to maintain a good work-life balance throughout the year. I enjoy playing football with the Keele Medics Football team as well as weight lifting. Sport gives me a good outlet to let off some steam!