James Ryley

Doctor since 2018

I graduated from Keele University in the summer of 2018, and since then I have worked as a foundation doctor in the University Hospital of North Midlands. I chose Keele after the experience of the interviews. Despite it being an incredibly stressful day, I found the campus and staff so warm and welcoming that I knew it was the university for me. The structure of the course gave me a solid base of physiology and anatomy, while giving me the opportunity to see it in action in clinical scenarios from the beginning.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a doctor at the Royal Stoke University Hospital. Every day you are faced with a variety of problems, from clinical to communication to team work and leadership. Thanks to my experiences as a student, I already had prior knowledge of the building and computer systems. This meant I could throw myself in to the exciting challenges of being a junior doctor. I felt extremely prepared to deal with sick patients and day-to-day tasks thanks to our final year assistantship.

I am incredibly grateful for the five years at Keele University. It has prepared me extremely well for the day-to-day challenges that face junior doctors and the NHS, while giving me a strong basis in clinical medicine.